Cool Weather and Our Pets

iStock_000005429377_Large.jpgThe temps will drop soon, changing the landscape and our habits. Instead of laying out in our yards or playing at the park, we are instead raking leaves and plodding through the pumpkin patch.

Not surprisingly, the fall and winter months present their own unique challenges for pet owners. Pets can suffer from extreme cold, just as they can from extreme heat, and it’s best to be aware of what your pet is up against as the temps begin to dip. So bundle up and learn a little more about cool weather and pets.

Winter’s Coming

As the temps begin to drop and a chill settles into the air, consider the following for your pet’s safety and health: Continue…

Halloween Pet Costumes: Is Your Pet Really Ready?

iStock_000072194065_Large.jpgTrick-or-treat! As the Halloween frenzy kicks into full swing, it’s hard not to get into the spirit of the season. Festive and frightful lawn decorations line the street. Drug store aisles are filled to the ceiling with treats. And, of course, all of those adorable pet costumes are just waiting for your purchase.

Halloween can be an especially enjoyable occasion for those of us with pets. It’s a reason to deck out our already adorable pups, kits…and, sure, why not, Guinea pigs in the coolest pet costumes of the season. Continue…

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Masked superhero dog on a skateboardHalloween is an exciting time for many families; the painstaking selection of costumes, decorating the house and yard, and getting ready for an evening filled with trick or treating, candy, and festivities. Sociable pets may also want to get in on the action and enjoy showing off an adorable pet costume or greeting the endless parade of tiny superheroes and princesses that ring the doorbell Halloween night. But for many pets, Halloween can be a truly frightening time.

Whether you are planning on taking your pet out with you to enjoy the Halloween excitement or staying home to pass out candy, the following information about halloween pet safety will be sure to keep things spooky – but safe. Continue…