Degenerative Joint Disease in Pets

Older PetAs your cat or dog ages, he will become more susceptible to age-related conditions, such as arthritis. Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) – which includes arthritis and osteoarthritis – occurs when the cartilage between bones that forms the joints breaks down. This process can cause severe, chronic pain and lead to immobility over time, and is common among senior or geriatric cats and dogs.

Symptoms of Degenerative Joint Disease

As with many age-related conditions, physical symptoms may develop slowly over time. However, with DJD you will likely begin to notice increased challenges with walking, jumping, or getting comfortable. With respect to cats, the disease often is more subtle. You may notice a reluctance to jump up on furniture or increased sensitivity to being handled. Continue…

Dog-Gone: What to do When Your Pet is Missing

BevHills_iStock_000018737232_Large (3)You’ve searched the closets and under the beds. You’ve walked the neighborhood calling his name, but still no sign of your pet. You may feel frozen or panicked with the knowledge that your pet is missing. And, how do you begin to try to find him?

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. Even in the most secure of pet homes, occasionally a door or gate gets left ajar and Fluffy is off like a lightning bolt. But, by staying calm amidst the chaos and taking swift action, you increase your pet’s chances of being safely returned home. Continue…