‘Tis The Season for Holiday Pet Safety Tips

DCAH_iStock_000030968938_LargeWe’ve had the honor of serving our community for over 30 years, and the lessons we’ve learned from each and every pet along the way are invaluable. We truly care about our clients and patients, and we want to ensure the holiday season is full of all the good stuff: gingerbread houses, snuggling with your four-legged friend, laughter, spending time with family, and much more. That’s why we’re reviewing a few of our most important holiday pet safety tips and tricks. Continue…

You Are What You Eat: Paying Attention to Pet Food Labels

Bowl of Dog FoodFor most pet owners, the quality of the food they are feeding their pets is a growing concern. From gluten-free and grain-free to organic, the trend in higher quality (and more expensive) pet food has many pet guardians confused about which product to choose.

Is it true that carbs are bad for cats? Should dogs eat more vegetables? And, what about chicken meal vs. chicken?

To clear up some of the confusion, the team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates will walk you through the basics of what to look for in a nutritious diet for your best friend. Continue…

What’s in a Sample? The Importance of the Pet Urinalysis

Medical or scientific researcherUrine isn’t very exciting to most people, but to your veterinarian it is fascinating. How much can you really learn from a urine sample? Keep reading to find out why your veterinarian thinks that the pet urinalysis is tops.

The Nitty Gritty of the Pet Urinalysis

We may recommend checking a urine sample on your pet because he or she is sick or displaying symptoms of a problem. Checking a urinalysis can also be an important part of wellness care and screening for any pets. Continue…