The Health of Your New Pet: Care, Safety, and Important Protocol

Get me out of here!Adopting a new pet is wonderful, but don’t forget about your new addition’s health and safety amidst all the excitement. Sure, you want to get to know one another and start having fun together, but you also have a responsibility to protect and care for your pet in all the right ways.

New to Us

If you’re a new client at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, we welcome you with open arms. Giving your new pet a head start is an excellent plan for long-term health. We recommend scheduling your first wellness exam directly following the adoption process. We can address potty training, behavior, nutrition, and other important issues to help you care for your new puppy or kitten. Continue…

The More the Merrier: Adding Another Pet to the Family

BevHills_iStock_000008668096_LargeA New Year, a new pet? You may be considering a way to enhance your already loving pet household or perhaps you noticed how much happier Fluffy seemed during the holiday break with all the extra time and attention. With things back to normal, now may be the perfect time to add another pet to your family.

There’s no doubt that pet adoption is a wonderful choice. However, there’s definitely some preparation involved before bringing home your next adorable fur friend. Continue…

A Case for Winter Parasite Prevention

Dog and winter sunBaby, it’s cold outside. We don’t want to venture outdoors in Michigan’s January weather, and we assume that other critters are just as hesitant to as well. Parasites, however, don’t take a winter break. Believe it or not, parasite prevention for your pet is just as important in January as it was in July… but why?

Heartworms and the Need for Winter Parasite Prevention

If you know anything about heartworms, you probably realize that they are transmitted by the mosquito. Winter in this part of the country and mosquitos don’t typically go together, and many pet owners are tempted to stop administering heartworm preventatives in the colder months of the year. Beware, however, as heartworm disease can affect pets at any time of the year. Continuing winter parasite prevention for heartworms is important for a few reasons: Continue…