An Animal Owner’s Guide to Pet Liver Problems

french bulldogThe liver is the workhorse of the body and has a variety of functions that are essential to life. Not only does the liver act a filter, removing toxins from the blood stream, but the liver also stores many vitamins and minerals, produces several important proteins, helps to regulate blood sugar, and even plays a big part in blood clotting.

Pet liver problems are one of the more common issues we diagnose. The most difficult part of hepatic issues is often identifying exactly what the problem is. A proper diagnosis is important so that we can most effectively treat the affected pet.

Arriving at a Diagnosis

Symptoms associated with pet liver problems can vary widely. Most often we find out that there is a liver health issue when a blood panel is run on a seemingly healthy pet, or on one with nonspecific symptoms. Continue…

The Great Escape: How to Prevent a Pet from Escaping

Joyful English bulldog riding a skateboard on the streetNo matter how much you love them or how wonderful a pet parent you are, some pets will try and get loose on occasion. It may be their natural curiosity that gets the better of them or they might catch a glimpse of the cat next door.

However, when a pet is chronically trying to escape, this can be a real threat to his or her safety. To prevent a pet from escaping, understanding the behavior and implementing precautionary measures are essential.

Why do Pets Try to Escape?

If your pet is running loose, consider his or her lifestyle. For cats allowed to spend most of their time outdoors, it may not be “escaping” as much as it is a habit of always being on the move. For indoor cats and dogs, however, there are some general causes that should be addressed. Continue…