Giving Back: How You Can Help Pets This Holiday Season

Shelter for animals. Miserable dog waiting for its masterFor many animal lovers, this time of year naturally inspires a want to help pets.  It’s the holiday season, after all. From donations to volunteering, there are several ways you can make a difference in the lives of animals and help pets this holiday season.

To help you plan such charitable acts, your friends at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates want to showcase some of our favorite ways you can consider giving this holiday season.

The Gift of Time

Because our lives are busier than ever, time is one of the most precious resources around. Here are some ideas of how you can offer your time to animal causes:


Stopping Stress in Cats

funny evil gray striped catYou may have to fight the urge to laugh when the words “stress” and “cat” are used in the same sentence. What could our feline friends possibly have to worry about? They have warm beds, an abundance of toys, and limitless food at their beck and call.

Stress in cats is a real issue, though, and Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to make sure that your cat isn’t one of those who are affected.

Identifying Stress in Cats

A stressed cat is an unhappy one. Our kitty friends aren’t always good about letting us know what they need, but if you watch closely, you can easily identify a happy, content cat from an anxious, worried one. Your cat may be stressed if he or she: