Hear, hear: Pet Hearing

The world would be a very different place without our sense of hearing. Like us, our dogs and cats rely on their sense of hearing to navigate their environment, find food, and stay safe. Taking good care of the ears is important, as is understanding what role they play for our furry companions.

Read on as Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates explains everything you need to know about pet hearing.

Pet Hearing Basics

While the ear of a hound may look drastically different from that of a cat, a person, or even a German Shepherd, the basic functions of the ear remain the same from species to species. Continue…

Do You See What I See? Understanding Animal Vision

Have you ever wondered what your pets see when they look up at you through those big doe eyes? Sure, they see you, but our furry friends don’t quite see the same way that we do.

Pet ophthalmology is a very interesting field. Taking a moment to learn more about animal vision and how your pets perceive the world are great ways to better understand these important members of your family.

All About the Bifocals

Compared to humans, most animals have eyes that are set wider on their faces. This means that people sacrifice a wide field of vision for better depth perception. We tend to see in more in a 3D manner than do animals with eyes that are wide set.


A Pet Owner’s Guide to Zoonotic Diseases

A zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted to humans by other species. While zoonotic diseases are a concern for anyone, pet owners often have added risks. Thankfully, there are many precautions that can be taken to minimize these risks, as well as encourage the health of family member pets.

Common Zoonotic Diseases

One of the most widely recognized and feared zoonotic diseases is rabies. However, while rabies still exists throughout the world, only a few human cases are recorded in the United States each year due to our vigilance with vaccinations.

Keep reading to learn more about other more prevalent zoonoses.

Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illnesses

Ticks carry an array of illnesses, one of the more serious being Lyme disease. Largely attributed to global warming, ticks and the diseases they carry have been on the rise, as they are now able to survive and lay their eggs year-round.