The Wonderful Qualities of a Responsible Pet Owner

Without a doubt, most pet owners consider themselves to be the best pet parents out there. After all, whoever gives the most snuggles surely loves his or her pet the most, right? However, being a responsible pet owner goes well beyond simply showing affection. It requires us to make some important commitments to keeping our fur friends happy and healthy.

Top Traits of a Responsible Pet Owner

You’re committed to your pet’s health. As an awesome pet parent, you never miss any of your fur kid’s wellness exams, vaccine and parasite prevention requirements, teeth cleaning appointments, or any other health needs. You take the time to learn how to better encourage good pet health and follow up with any recommendations to give your pet the most amazing life possible.


Your Guide to the World’s Smartest Dog Breeds

smarest dog breedsWe all like to think of ourselves as intelligent, and we are probably correct! Humans express their individual types of intelligence in many different forms; some of us are more analytical, some of us more creative, some have high social IQs, and for some, music, art, or athletics come naturally.

Like humans, canine intelligence manifests itself in various ways. And although all of our beloved pups are smart in their own ways, some breeds rise above the pack when it comes to intelligence. The smartest dog breeds all have traits that combine the best of their breed’s genetics along with problem solving ability and other traits that we generally think of as demonstrating intelligence.


Smell the Roses With Our Spring Pet Safety Tips

When you pay attention to the myriad risks out there and make safe choices, you really can have your cake and eat it, too. Remember, when we discuss spring pet safety, our goal is not to frighten you and your pet. Instead, we want you to think carefully about your surroundings to create opportunities for your pet to enjoy springtime in every way possible. So go slice that cake and take a bite!

The Cart Before the Horse

If it’s been awhile since your pet’s last wellness visit, spring is an excellent time to make an appointment. We can help you get a jumpstart on spring pet safety in the following ways: