Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

In the dark, cold winter months, there’s something to be said about marking the season with a holiday that’s all about love. Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate those we cherish with flowers, fancy meals, and other gifts as a way to express our love. And who could be more deserving of our love than our unconditionally loving pet friends?

Valentine’s Day with your pet may not include a gourmet meal or tickets to the opera, but there are many other ways you can acknowledge all the joy your pet brings to your life.


What to Expect When Your Dog Is Expecting: All You Need to Know About Having Puppies

Beverly Hills MI Vet PuppiesIf your dog is expecting, chances are, you have done a lot of research. There is much that goes into responsible dog breeding, and anticipating the arrival of your new litter is exciting. But, are you ready to be having puppies?

When your dog is having puppies, they rely on you to have a good handle on what to expect. Luckily, you aren’t alone. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to support you.


Beating the Odds: Decreasing the Incidence of Cancer in Pets

cancer in petsWhether we like it or not, pets (and people) get sick. Some illnesses are preventable, while others are unavoidable. Similar to cancer in people, the causes of cancer in pets fall into a gray area that combines several factors.

Cancer is one of the more common conditions that we diagnose in our animal friends. In fact, more than half of pets who enter their senior years will be diagnosed with some form of cancer.

Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, there are better and more effective ways of treating or managing cancer now than ever before. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates would rather help you to avoid the need for a cure by identifying the cancer risks that can be eliminated or decreased.