Fun Winter Activities to Keep Your Pet Moving

The long winter months are great for staying cozy and eating our fair share of food during the holidays. When it comes to our pets, though, this season is sometimes prohibitive to them getting the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. 

During inclement weather, it is hard to get outside with our pets. Couple this with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and it’s easy to let those daily playtimes fall to the wayside.

The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates believes daily exercise is vital to your fur friend’s well-being. Here are some recommended fun activities to keep your pet moving during the cold months.


A Home For the Holidays: What To Know About Holiday Pet Adoption

There’s no greater gift that a shelter pet can receive than a loving home. And a new bundle of joy is an exciting experience to have over the holidays. However, holiday pet adoption should also be entered into thoughtfully, especially since holiday excitement and emotion can enter into holiday pet adoption decisions. 

Keep reading for some things to think about when it comes to holiday pet adoption, from your friends at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates

The Basics Of Pet Adoption

All in all, holiday pet adoption should not be that dissimilar to pet adoption at any time of the year. In every case, there are several things to think about before committing to a pet. 


Are Hairballs in Cats Normal?

Did you know that birds of prey actually regurgitate parts of previous meals that they can’t properly digest? These pellets, or castings, are formed 6-10 hours after a meal in the gizzard. Dissected pellets may reveal bones, fur, feathers, claws, teeth, bills, insect exoskeletons, and even plant matter.

Perhaps not surprisingly, cat hairballs serve a similar purpose. Sure, they can be unsettling to watch come up, and gross to step on with bare feet, but cat hairballs are a common feline behavior.