Beneath the Surface: What Secrets are Hidden in Your Pet’s Gums?

In a way, your pet’s mouth is the window to their world. It’s how they eat, drink, breath, keep themselves clean, regulate body temperature, and it helps them communicate with other animals and humans.  

The gums are an integral, yet mostly unnoticed, component of the mouth. Paying attention to your pet’s gums can help you learn more about their overall health, and proper care can go a long way to ensuring a healthy, comfortable life for your furry companion.


Time for Reflection: Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates’ Top 10 Pet Blogs of 2018

The time has finally come for us to take a much-deserved breather from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and reflect on all that’s happened in 2018. Although it’s been a wild ride here at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Providing the absolute best for our patients and their families is our ongoing goal, and our pet blogs are an important part of that mission.

As we all take a collective sigh now that the year is winding down, we invite you to grab a mug of your favorite winter beverage and enjoy a trip down memory lane with our top 10 most popular pet blogs of 2018.


Pet-Centered Holiday Movies to Enjoy with Your Furry Loved One

Pet-centered holiday movies can be a great way to celebrate the holidays with pets

Shorter days, freezing temps, and snowy nights create the perfect excuse to stay in and watch your favorite holiday movie! Your pet would probably agree that a little couch time is in order, so why not make it a communal affair by choosing a film for both the two and four-legged members of the family?

At Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, movies with animals are our absolute favorite, and we’re thrilled to share our picks for the best pet-centered holiday movies!