Get the (Pooper) Scoop on Pet Fecal Testing

Routine wellness care is vitally important when it comes to being an upstanding pet parent. Bringing your dog or cat in for routine examinations, keeping vaccines up to date, and administering parasite preventatives are just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Good wellness care in the veterinary world encompasses many things, and intestinal parasite prevention and control are an important aspect of that. While it may not be the most pleasant topic for polite company, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates isn’t afraid to bring up the importance of pet fecal testing in caring for your furry babies.


The Cone of Shame: Caring for Your Pet After Surgery

Most pet surgeries are fairly straightforward, but both the prospect of surgery and the prospect of postoperative care can be daunting for pets and their dedicated owners. Because of this, we try very hard to communicate effectively before, during, and after a procedure to hopefully reduce or eliminate any fears or doubts. Of course, there are definite and clear steps that must happen prior to a pet’s surgery, like fasting or bathing, but taking care of a pet after surgery is paramount for successful healing.

The First Few Days

Extra special care and constant diligence is required to care for a pet after surgery. Every pet is unique, and every recovery process is different; however, you can prepare for the first few post-op days by following these tips:


The Way of the Future? Laparoscopic Surgery in Veterinary Medicine

laparoscopic surgery in dogsSurgery is a big deal, no matter if you have two legs or four. We are constantly looking for better and less painful ways to accomplish surgical procedures.

The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is proud to provide only the best for our pet patients. Part of this is staying at the forefront of technology when it comes to our treatment offerings.

We have recently added a laparoscope to our practice. Laparoscopic surgery in veterinary medicine is a new but very effective way to bring the latest in technology to you and your pet.