Good News! We’re Hard-Wired to be Successful at Kitten Care 

The ancestors of present day domestic cats, aka felis silvestris, strategically deduced that living alongside people was highly beneficial to their species’ survival. After all, our own ancestors were more than willing to feed and shelter adorable, delightful, furry friends who conveniently reduced the rodent population. 

But just because cats and people are a purr-fect match doesn’t mean we always know exactly what they need or want. This is especially true during the delicate early months of kitten-hood. We love them so much, and they deserve the best of kitten care 101.

New to You

Anyone who has been around a kitten knows how easy it is to fall in love with them. Luckily, our adoration and affection for these cute balls of fluff helps us in learning all we can to provide them with a safe, happy home. It’s not always a walk in the park, but when we dive headfirst into kitten care, the payoff is gigantic.

Getting Acquainted

Kittens are simply irresistible, but each one has a unique personality. Getting to know a brand new kitten will take time, and their likes and dislikes can change.

It’s important to know that, like all pets, kittens do best when a routine is established. Give them 2-3 months to settle into your household’s routine and allow for your cat’s preferences to shape the dynamic. Creatures of habit, felines thrive when they know, understand and anticipate the rhythms of the day.

Social Studies

By nature, cats are highly intelligent, clever, and agile animals. When they are young, they need to sleep a lot. But they also require heavy doses of physical exercise and social interaction. Owners of new kittens should try to stock up on various types of cat toys and puzzles. Be sure that you don’t leave any out for them while you’re away from home, and rotate toys to reduce boredom. 

A significant amount of kitten care must include opportunities to play, explore, and learn from their environment. Also, supply one litter box per cat, plus one. To minimize litter box problems, boxes should be easy to enter, exit, and have ample room inside to move around. 

Kitty Likes to Scratch

To limit problems related to their claws as they age, kittens should always be provided with designated scratching areas. Hugely important to the art of the hunt, cultivating sharp claws is only natural.

Additionally, kittens enjoy having their own space to retreat to. Hiding places, cat trees, raised platforms, or pedestals give cats a feeling of security. Be sure that your kitten can reach high up places without the risk of falling or getting stuck. Similarly, owners need to kitten-proof the home by eliminating power cords from the floor and securing screens, windows, and doors. 

Kitten Care Basics

Kittens should be examined a few times in their first year to ensure they are fully protected from contagious diseases, parasites, and unwanted pregnancies. Vaccinations, parasite prevention medication, microchipping, and spaying/neutering are all usually addressed within the first few months.

We can also discuss nutritional needs, feline behavior, and grooming requirements. The more your kitten is handled in the first few months, the more open and friendly they will be. Touch their paws and trim their nails early on to get them used to the sensations.

Please let us know if you have additional kitten care questions. We’re always here for you at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates and can’t wait to meet your new kitten soon.