Stopping Stress in Cats

funny evil gray striped catYou may have to fight the urge to laugh when the words “stress” and “cat” are used in the same sentence. What could our feline friends possibly have to worry about? They have warm beds, an abundance of toys, and limitless food at their beck and call.

Stress in cats is a real issue, though, and Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to make sure that your cat isn’t one of those who are affected.

Identifying Stress in Cats

A stressed cat is an unhappy one. Our kitty friends aren’t always good about letting us know what they need, but if you watch closely, you can easily identify a happy, content cat from an anxious, worried one. Your cat may be stressed if he or she:


The Social Cat? Examining the Finer Points of Feline Behavior

BevHills_iStock_000004859480_LargeIf someone told you that you had the social skills of cat would you be a little…nonplussed? While cats can certainly be affectionate and friendly, as a group they are quiet, reserved, and even perceived as unapproachable. Feline behavior is complex, and making friends with a cat is never a sure thing. Whether you’re wondering about human-cat, dog-cat, or cat-cat relationships, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has the scoop on how cats socialize.

Feline Dynamics

If you’ve ever witnessed two cats that are unfamiliar with each other, the spectacle never fails to amaze. Puffed up tails and back fur, raised haunches, and an impressive ability to avoid eye contact round out the scene of territorial feline behavior.

Unlike dogs, cats hunt alone and establishing a hunting territory is vital to survival. Cats mark their borders in order to communicate and avoid conflict with other felines, using urine, feces, and various scent glands. Cats will eat, sleep, and play in a chosen territory, and will defend this core area from the possible threat of another feline. Continue…

Why Does My Cat Do That? Explaining Common Feline Behavior

Cute cat in a boxIf you’ve ever had the pleasure of streaming funny cat videos, or scanning the latest on sites like cheezburger, you know well the power of feline behavior. Some experts think the reasons why funny cat videos are so amusing to us lie in the fact that cats are either unaware of the camera, or just don’t care (does this sound like a cat you know?). However, just because there is so much online coverage of funny feline antics, it doesn’t necessarily mean people understand why cats have certain quirks. Continue…