Does Your Dog Have Dandruff? Here’s How to Fix It

Dog itching itself

Do flakes fly when you scratch your pooch? Just like humans, dogs can experience the discomfort (and unsightliness) of itchy, flaky dandruff. Officially known as seborrheic dermatitis, pet dandruff occurs when the sebaceous glands in your dog’s skin produce too much sebum. There are two forms of doggie dandruff: dry seborrhea and oily seborrhea. Dogs typically have a combination of both.


All About Pet Poop

Cat in Beverly Hills, MI field

You can tell a lot about your pet’s health by paying attention to the little things. Besides looking at their coat quality, activity level, and muscle conditioning, watching their bathroom habits can hold a lot of valuable information.

Pet poop can also hold a lot of secrets about your furry friend, and Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to unlock them for you. 

Pet Poop Basics

When you come to visit us, we often ask some seemingly intimate questions about your pet’s bowel movements, such as:


A Corner on the Couch: The Reality of Mental Illness in Pets

From the latest cute kitty meme circulating on the web to a hit movie starring talking dogs, it is easy to anthropomorphize animals. Oftentimes we assume that they experience the same emotions and thoughts that we do, although in most situations the jury is still out.

One thing that we do recognize, however, is that our animals can experience certain forms of mental illness. Although it may take different forms and have different implications in our four-legged counterparts, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates knows that mental illness in pets is a real and serious thing.