Take Positive Dog Training to the Next Level

Mixed Pit Bull Breed Being TrainedDogs are hard-wired to please their owners. Unfortunately, when they “act out” or behave badly, some owners respond in a fashion that actually reinforces the offense. Indeed, the idea that dogs implicitly understand what we want is important, but getting to the bottom of what they need from us is equally important.

Remember, the best dog training involves building trust, establishing control, and mastering basic commands. From there, the sky’s the limit!

Bad Dog!

House training, barking, chewing, jumping, digging, soiling, escaping, and begging are just a few standard wayward canine behaviors. When a dog’s needs aren’t recognized, phobias, separation anxiety or canine aggression can develop, creating a rift at home. However, through positive reinforcement, even the most difficult dogs can be trained successfully.


Walking Your Dog Off Leash: Is it Really Safe?

walking dog off leashFor most dog owners, there’s nothing more exhilarating than watching your dog bound across a park or meadow. That excitement is enough to convince many owners that off leash is the way to go.

For dogs who have been trained, off leash walking, running, or hiking is a great option and has many advantages. Unfortunately, the rest of the world might not be so cooperative.

The Risks of Walking Your Dog Off Leash

While the spring weather may compel you to get outside with your four-legged friend, there are several factors to consider before ditching the leash. Continue…