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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

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Listing of Candles

189 lit candles

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   For Jack & Sabastian  ~Lit by~ Kathy C

   For Jack   ~Lit by~ Momma loves you; I miss your face

   For Marley  ~Lit by~ With love from your family

   For Missy  ~Lit by~ Bill & Dan - We miss you. Rest in peace.

   For Nina - See you in heaven babygirl!  ~Lit by~ Nikki

   For Roger  ~Lit by~ Cherie & Gerry

   For Sparky   ~Lit by~ Amanda Granata

   For Suzy  ~Lit by~ Gillian and Clive to a sweet friend

   For Jake and Jen  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Caitlin and Stella  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Molly and Emma  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Delilah  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Mindy  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Bond - What a Rockstar!  ~Lit by~ A Friend

   For Torie  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Mandy  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Zeke  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Tasha  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Milo  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Rudy  ~Lit by~ Lily and Laurie

   For Jessie  ~Lit by~ Alfie

   For Ozzie  ~Lit by~ Mary and Brian

   For Molly  ~Lit by~ Susan

   For Mordecai-Best Cat Ever  ~Lit by~ Rachel and Rick

   For Shadow Rachelle  ~Lit by~ Mommy

   For Shadow Rachelle  ~Lit by~ Your fur sister, Domino

   For Brucie  ~Lit by~ Marie, Kevin & Gretel xo

   For Woody - Our sweet boy - We will miss you.  ~Lit by~ Chris, Patty, Kyle, Alec & your pal Daisy

   For Wrigley  ~Lit by~ Marie & Gretel xo

   For Yogi  ~Lit by~ Kyle, Lisa, Ava, Evan we love you bro!

   For Frasier  ~Lit by~ Lucy

   For Diesel, we miss your big dork face every day  ~Lit by~ Jen and John

   For Sadie  ~Lit by~ Love, Mom and Dad Chesna

   For Balu - What a dear friend! We will miss you.  ~Lit by~ Your friends @ BHVA

   For Corky - What a Good Friend!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA xoxo

   For Dusty - What a friendly Beagle -- We will miss you.  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA

   For Pepper - What a Good Life you had!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA

   For Harry Winston - What a Great Dog -- we will always remember you!  ~Lit by~ Your friends @ BHVA

   For Mya   ~Lit by~ Mom & Dad with love forever! We miss you Sweet Mya with all our heart!

   For Marshal - What a wonderful dog!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA

   For Gizmo - A Special Friend!  ~Lit by~ Your friends @ BHVA

   For Squeaky - What a lovely kitty!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA

   For Mya - What a great dog! We will ALL miss you!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA xoxo

   For Augie - What a well-loved dog! We will all miss you, my friend.  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA

   For Frosty - What a lucky and well-loved cat!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA

   For Poncho - Our Little Friend -- we will miss you.  ~Lit by~ Your Friends @ BHVA

   For Missy - We will miss you!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA xo

   For Sophie - We will miss you, our dear friend!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA xoxo

   For Tiffany - We will miss you! What a lovely dog.  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA

   For Mocha - What a well-loved dog you were; we will miss you!  ~Lit by~ Marie @ BHVA

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