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adult pet veterinary care

Adult pet care focuses on maintaining a positive environment for long-term health. Your team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates works with you to establish a workable plan that keeps your pet well and your relationship rewarding.

At one year of age, your pet has probably received a series of vaccinations to protect against diseases. To maintain that protection, annual boosters are often desirable. The first year wellness visit is the time to discuss your pet’s unique lifestyle issues and risks. The veterinarian will then create a plan to address all of these concerns.

Pet Wellness During the Adult Stage

Annual visits after the first year will include a review of this plan, to assess effectiveness and make appropriate changes as needed. A healthy animal companion requires basic care including dental exams and cleaning and vaccinations.

Regular wellness exams allow us to evaluate your pet’s general health and become aware of any health problems before they become serious illnesses. During this exam, we may perform diagnostic tests including blood tests, urinalysis, or X-rays as needed.

Learn what to expect at your pet’s annual wellness exam.

Pet Vaccines

As an AAHA-accredited hospital, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates follows the AAHA guidelines for vaccinating adult pets. Of course, we tailor your vaccination plan to address various issues and concerns specific to your pet’s health and lifestyle as well. Enjoy the following articles regarding vaccinations:

Nutritional needs
vary during the adult stage of life and a regular review of diet and exercise is needed. As your adult pet nears the senior years, this becomes even more important. At any stage, weight gain or loss is a strong indicator of compromised health and should be addressed with your veterinarian.
Behavioral issues
may arise in adulthood, a concern for every pet owner. We offer behavioral counseling to determine the source of the problem, usually a medical or training issue. Then we assist in developing a plan of action to address the behavior and result in a positive outcome.

Expect thorough and compassionate care throughout your pet’s adult life from the professionals at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates.