Kennel with Boarding, Daycare & Grooming
Services for Beverly Hills Pet Owners

Pet Boarding and Grooming

Traveling causes enough stress and anxiety without having to worry about the care of your pets. Whether you are planning a vacation, traveling for business, or need time away, your pets require care and attention from someone you trust.

Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates offer a convenient solution—we provide pet lodging in our safe, clean, and comfortable boarding facility!

Caring Kennel Staff

Our professional and friendly staff takes great care of our pet guests. We understand that each pet is unique and make every effort to ensure that your pet is safe, happy, and healthy during his or her stay with us. We treat our boarders with compassion and respect, providing individualized care until you return.

We take great pride in our attention to cleanliness and in providing the highest quality care to each pet that stays with us. All new boarding clients are invited to tour our facilities prior to their pet’s stay. Simply contact our boarding staff to schedule an appointment.

For your convenience, download and print out our boarding form to complete at home prior to drop off. Please note: Fees include a charge for day of drop off and day of discharge. Currently, pets are not discharged on Sundays.

Special Needs or Requests

Pets with special needs, such as health issues, medication, or a special diet, are always welcome to board with us. Feel free to make a special request or consider scheduling wellness care procedures, such as basic grooming, skin treatments, or dental cleanings, during your pet’s stay. Of course, we are pleased to discuss your pet’s unique needs prior to boarding and will create a plan that meets our standards of care.

Pet Day Care Services

Some companion animals experience separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time, often engaging in inappropriate or destructive behaviors. Young pets may need more attention during the day than your work schedule allows.

For pets requiring care during the day while you work, we offer day care services. Call our boarding staff to discuss your pet’s day care needs and our hours of operation.

Pet Grooming

All pets require regular grooming or periodic care for special needs, such as medicated treatments for skin disorders. Good hygiene can help your pet feel comfortable, detect parasites such as fleas and ticks, and facilitate early detection of medical conditions involving the skin and coat.

Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates offers basic grooming services such as bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trims. You may even wish to consider combining your companion’s annual wellness exam with a visit to the groomer for a bit of extra care or request grooming services for your boarding pet.

We welcome your questions about our boarding and grooming services, facilities, and policies.

Call today to learn about our accommodations or to schedule your pet’s stay.

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