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Serving Beverly Hills Area Pets With Extraordinary Care and Compassion

Discover the progressive approach to pet care at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates! Your animal companions receive high-quality, customized service delivered by dedicated professionals committed to supporting the bond between pets and their owners. Basic pet care embraces every stage of life: puppies and kittens, adult pets, and loyal senior companions. Comprehensive veterinary service includes wellness care, veterinary surgery, and pet dental care.

We offer specialized areas of treatment such as animal dermatology, internal medicine, and veterinary ophthalmology. Pet owners receive support as well, through pet nutritional counseling, and end-of-life care. Resources for every aspect of pet ownership include educational and organizational links, pet loss support, the latest veterinary news, and more.

We are proud to be accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, guaranteeing your pets receive the highest standard of care available.

Visit Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates for the progressive approach to pet care!