Should Your Dog Eat a Raw Meat Diet?

A ridgeback lies next to a bowl full of raw meat.

One of the many things that people have in common with dogs is a shared love of food. Sometimes, we can enjoy the same things, such as cheese, white meat turkey, or lightly steamed carrots. But often what satisfies a dog’s hunger isn’t palatable for us, and it may not even be safe for them. It’s not always clear which path to canine nutrition is the right one. A common question for owners is: can my dog eat a raw meat diet?


Tips For Identifying Your Dog’s Breed(s)

Various dog breeds on a white background.

Perhaps you rescued a mixed-breed dog from an animal shelter or adopted it from a friend, and now you’re wondering, “what breed is my dog?” If that’s the case, the dog lovers at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates have some pointers to help you determine your dog’s ancestry.


Do Dogs Really Have More Sensitive Noses Than Cats?

Dog nose with heart hands.

There’s a reason your dog pauses every 10 feet during your walk to sniff something invisible: his dog sense of smell is staggeringly sensitive, and it helps him understand the world around him.

Likewise, your feline uses her cat sense of smell to distinguish between people and other pets in your household.