Diet & Nutrition Counseling
for Whole Pet Health & Wellness

Pet Nutritional Counseling

From the day you bring home your new pet through the final days of his or her life, nutrition plays a critical role in overall health and well-being. Owners may take pet nutrition for granted since many nutritionally complete commercial foods seem to have taken the guesswork out of choosing a suitable diet. However, your pet’s nutritional needs vary depending upon species, age, activity level, or overall health.

Pet Nutrition Can Be a Challenge

Commercial pet foods all claim to be the best for pets, with general feeding guidelines that are sometimes cryptic or too broad to be useful. Most owners do not know the amount of calories their pets should have each day or whether they are meeting basic nutritional guidelines.

The professionals at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates are here to help. Discussion of specific nutritional needs is part of every wellness visit, guiding you in appropriate choices for feeding your pet.

Special Diets

For pets that are medically challenged, we offer options. Our veterinarian can prescribe specially formulated diets to assist in the management of various conditions including kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. We carry many of these products here at the hospital pharmacy and are able to order others.

Many pets begin to gain weight as they age and their activity levels decrease. Others are expert at convincing their owners to feed treats and table foods, causing a dramatic increase in caloric intake. Then there are pets that gain weight due to medical conditions or as a result of medications.

Our veterinarians consider weight control an essential element in pet health and longevity. We advise every pet owner about diet, nutritional needs, and activity planning at each wellness visit to address this critical issue.

Nutritional Counseling for Health & Longevity

We offer counseling in dietary selection and feeding practices for pets during various life stages, such as growth, pregnancy, nursing, and the “golden years.” Our nutritional counseling services can help you accomplish your goals to keep your pet in good health. Contact the hospital to schedule an appointment.

To understand further the importance of pet diet and nutrition, review the AAHA Nutritional Assessment Guidelines for Dogs and Cats.