Wellness Care
for Optimal Pet Health

Pet Wellness: Dog Running

At Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, pet wellness is an attitude of protection from risk and an enhanced healthy lifestyle. Our wellness programs include a series of protocols tailored to your needs and designed to support your pet’s long life and good health. Regular visits are the cornerstone of wellness, and we recommend exams at least annually, more frequently for senior pets or those with medical concerns.

Wellness Plans for Pets

From puppy and kitten care to adult and senior pets, we consider your needs and lifestyle when creating a wellness plan. Areas such as pet activity, nutrition, pet dental care, and even behavioral issues are addressed alongside standard veterinary care such as vaccinations and parasite prevention.

Wellness care addresses every area of life, creating a positive atmosphere and rewarding relationship between you and your pet. Our progressive approach meets the highest standards set in veterinary medicine today, backed by the American Animal Hospital Association. Contact our hospital to begin your pet’s journey into wellness.

Pet Parasites & Your Family

Pet parasites, such as heartworms, fleas, and ticks, can cause serious problems for any pet, from long-term illness to death. Your Beverly Hills veterinarians recommend year-round protection from these pests.

Parasites can be passed from pets to people, a problem we address with regular wellness visits and preventive care. Dogs and cats are born with worms and require a deworming plan. Kittens and pups are typically dewormed at least four times in the first few months, and rechecked at six months and one year of age.

This intestinal parasite control program is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) due to the incidence of hookworm and roundworm infections in humans. Under normal situations, it is rare for children to become infected with worms from animals. However, we strongly recommend good sanitation and parasite control to keep you family’s risk at a minimum.

Visit the CDC Healthy Pets, Healthy People webpage for more information and guidance on this topic.

Learn what to expect from a wellness exam at the AAHA Healthy Pet website.