May I Have a Lick? Why Dogs Lick Ears

Beverly Hills MI Dog

If you are a dog lover, you have likely conceded that our canine friends have some quirky and often icky tendencies. Many of these behaviors are not because dogs are just weird, though. They tend to come from some force of nature that has made these habits evolutionarily or socially beneficial. 

Why dogs lick ears may not have a clear answer, but Beverly HIlls Veterinary Associates hope to help you understand this unique behavior a little better. 


Dog Behavior 101

Fetching the ballEven the best of us have difficulty trying to intuit what certain characteristics of dog behavior mean. Sure, the majority of dogs have universal methods of communication, such as barking, growling, or whining, but the lion’s share of canine language is conveyed physically – and varies by breed and individual.

Luckily, it’s fascinating and fun to get inside a dog’s mind, but it doesn’t end there! Understanding dog behavior establishes a strong foundation for the safety, security, and wellness for all involved.

Keys to Understanding

Dogs evolved as pack animals. This group mentality allowed for success in both hunting and scavenging, but also helped protect members from larger predators in the wild. This safety-in-numbers approach reinforced robust social dynamics at play between friends and relatives in the group, and this hierarchy still continues inside homes worldwide. Continue…