Getting Through the Grief: Navigating Pet Loss

Dealing with pet loss.

Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates know how much a part of your family your pet is. Losing them can be devastating, and the grief and pain that ensues can be very difficult. Pet loss is a topic that deserves discussion, and understanding how to navigate the grief can help devoted animal lovers through a very tough time. 


Best Pet Birthday Ideas

A dog in a party hat celebrating a pet birthday.

Pets are an important part of our families, and deserve to be celebrated on their birthdays! Even if you don’t know your pet’s exact date of birth, it’s still fun to take a day out of each year to pamper your pet and show them your love in an extra special way. The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has put together a list of the best pet birthday ideas to help you celebrate your fur baby’s latest trip around the sun. 


Ask-A-Vet: How to Tell if Your Pet is Going Deaf or Blind

A woman holds a dog against her shoulder.

Is your normally eagle-eyed dog missing the ball more often during your daily game of fetch? Is your somewhat-aloof kitty ignoring you more than usual lately? As pets get older (and sometimes before then) there’s a chance their sight or hearing can start to deteriorate. As a pet owner, it’s up to you to pay attention to the signs your pet is going deaf or blind, and take appropriate action.