Driving With Your Pet Can Be Fun, but Is It Safe?

Pet dog in car.

Not all pets enjoy cruising in the car, but some go absolutely crazy for the experience. While this opens up loads of opportunities for pets and their people, it’s not an experience that should be taken lightly. Distracted driving is one of the largest risks on the roads today. To keep all passengers safe from harm, we have some tips on safely driving with your pet.


When Your Cat Is Limping, Worry or Wait?

Cat outside.

Let’s face it, you probably don’t know exactly what kind of trouble your indoor-outdoor cat gets into when they hop fences, climb trees, or go on a midnight hunt. They could be at risk of various injuries. While indoor-only cats are considered safer and possibly healthier than those allowed to roam, they can still develop conditions that affect their mobility and gait. 

A limp can occur either gradually or suddenly, depending on the cause. If you’ve noticed that your cat is limping (whether a little or a lot), the key thing to remember is that it never pays to wait it out.


Eau de Urine: How to Get Rid of That Cat Pee Smell

Cat pee smell on rug.

Cats are amazing creatures. They are beautiful, agile, and a bit mysterious. They can be fabulous friends, great snuggle buddies, and a constant companion even in uncertain times. 

Cat urine, on the other hand, is not such a pleasant thing. If you are struggling with odor in your home, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to help you banish that cat pee smell once and for all. Nothing, not even urine, should stand between you and your cat.