All About Cat Kneading

If you’ve ever had a cat snuggle up in your lap, you have likely noticed her engaging in an endearing, but perhaps also painful, rhythmic kneading into your thighs. Although those extended claws can hurt, she’s not actually scratching you, and may even purr contentedly as she pushes in and out with her paws. What gives?

Cat kneading is a normal, natural, and common cat behavior. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates explains why cats knead. 


A Cat’s Tale: What Your Cat’s Tail is Telling You

Cats communicate with a complex variety of body language, vocalization, and even scent signals that humans can’t smell. Even with all this communication, cats are an enigma with their seemingly aloof behavior.

But learning some basics about a cat’s mood based on her tail position is relatively easy. And it can really enhance your relationship with your cat once you understand where she’s coming from. We’re looking at what tales your cat’s tail is telling you.


Feeling Out the Facts About Whisker Fatigue

The more you start to learn about cats and their behavior, the more it becomes apparent that we essentially have little lions in our home. Indeed, many of the things that they do are rooted in the same origins as their wild family members.

The more we learn about our fierce little housemates, the more it becomes apparent that certain things about domestic life can be stressful to them. From keeping them inside to forcing them into a family, we ask a lot of our feline friends.

Feline whisker fatigue is an issue that can result from the stress of life with humans, and Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to save your cats from it.