Feline Facts: Cat Separation Anxiety In An Anxious Age

You’re packing a suitcase in preparation for a trip. Ordinarily, your cat might ignore or observe you from a distance, but in this moment the pink paws and twitchy whiskers are all over your clothes and toiletries. Sure, this could simply be a display of feline curiosity, but it could also mean that they know change is afoot. 

Cats will stop at almost nothing to figure out how to get their lives back to normal. Cat separation anxiety can also be triggered by less obvious events, like a change in your (and their) daily schedule, and it can cause significant challenges for cats and their people alike. 

Feel Good Attention

Some cats feel downright disturbed by their owner’s departures or changes in schedule, and show it by trying to block exits. Similarly, they may greet their person with absolute exuberance whenever they arrive home, no matter if it’s been 5 minutes or 5 hours. 

The bottom line is, cat separation anxiety occurs when a deeply bonded feline fears their own solitude.


Signs that Your Pets Get Along – Or Not…

Pet owners are among a select group of humans that think – no, believe – they know exactly what their pets are thinking at any given moment. Of course, they convey personal preferences through tell-tale behaviors, and use body language to show emotions. 

When it comes to interspecies friendships, it’s far less obvious. When pets get along, life at home is harmonious. It’s stressful when there is acrimony between cats and dogs, but there are ways you can help.

Best Friends Forever

Some pets are absolutely devoted to one another. They hardly ever bicker or compete for human attention. They snuggle, play, and generally co-exist in the most positive, happy-go-lucky way. These pets get along, of course, but it’s more than that – they are best friends for life.


Help! How Do I Stop My Cat From Scratching The Furniture?

You love your cat, but you don’t love those little razor blades on the end of each adorable paw. If you’re tired of shredded chairs, couches, and cushions, you’ve come to the right place. 

When it comes to scratching cats, we’ve pretty much seen it all here at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates. We’ve put together our time tested tricks to help you stop your cat from scratching your furniture (and preserve your sanity!).

The Need to Shred

It may feel like your cat is purposely ruining that antique chair you inherited that’s been in your family for generations, but we can assure you this is not the case. Scratching is an instinct shared by all felines, and they do it for a variety of reasons: