Can You Train an Aggressive Dog?

Pomeranian bites finger.

All dogs can be aggressive to some extent. It’s normal for dogs to bark at intruders or even nip at someone or something that is causing them pain. But if your dog bites you or someone else, it’s time to act. Training aggressive dogs may help reduce their harmful behaviors. However, aggressive dogs may not be completely trustworthy even after extensive training. The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has tips to help you deal with an aggressive dog. 


Combatting Behavioral Issues in Rescue Dogs

Two lab puppies on a white background.

You walked into your local shelter, locked eyes with a labrador mix, and immediately knew it was meant to be. Rescuing a shelter animal is immensely rewarding, and while most shelter pets are eager for stability and affection, some come with emotional issues that delay their ability to bond with new people and adapt to new surroundings.


Can You Train a Deaf Dog?

Training a deaf dog.

If you recently adopted a deaf or hearing-impaired dog, or if you think your older pet is losing her hearing, you might be wondering if training a deaf dog is possible. The answer is yes! With simple modifications, your hearing-impaired dog can learn to respond to training cues just like other pets.

At Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, we’re here to help you nurture the bond you have with your special needs pet. Read on for reasons why dogs go deaf, training tips, and other ways to care for your deaf pet.