My Dog Keeps Burying Things!

Dog burying and digging in backyard.

Have you ever pulled the couch back, only to discover a collection of your dog’s half-chewed bones and think, why? This cute, confusing, or annoying behavior causes many dog owners to wonder how to prevent their dog from continuing to bury various items. But dogs may have an instinct to hoard, hide, bury their favorite items, bones, toys, and maybe even your socks! 

To help uncover the meaning behind this behavior, the team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has put together a list of potential reasons why your dog is burying and hiding items:


Clicker Training Your Dog: How Does It Work?

Beverly Hills, MI  dog clicker training.

Ever wonder how they get those dogs in the movies to do certain things or perform complex tricks? Sure, most of them are pretty talented pooches, but Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates thinks your pet is talented, too.

Clicker training in dogs is the foundation of many positive reinforcement-based pet training techniques. It works quite well when you understand the basics, and with a little effort, your dog can be a star, too.


Feline Intelligence: How Smart Are Cats, Really?

A smart cat reaches for a treat.

Your cat knows they’re clever, and more importantly, they don’t care if you recognize their skills or not. But the truth is, life is more fun when feline intelligence is observed and celebrated. You can teach them all sorts of skills and tricks. While they may appear completely indifferent to your enthusiasm, they respond to tasty treats. After all, you’ve been well-trained by a cat.