The (Long, Potentially Slimy) Skinny on Deworming Pets

A dog stands against a wood fence.

Having pets is a wonderful experience, but when your pets have pets, it can be… not so much fun. Part of the preventative wellness care we offer our pet patients at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is a good parasite prevention program. There are several reasons preemptively deworming pets is good practice, and we would like to help you understand why.


Silent But Deadly: Gas in Pets

A woman holds a dog in one arm and her nose with the other.

Some of our beloved pets have the innate gift to be able to clear a room with a simple fart. While passing gas is a natural part of having a digestive system, some pets are a little more talented in this arena than others. 

When gas in pets is interfering with your ability to enjoy their company, there is an issue. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to be sure that you are able to enjoy your stinky stinkers, gas and all.


Ask-A-Vet: How to Tell if Your Pet is Going Deaf or Blind

A woman holds a dog against her shoulder.

Is your normally eagle-eyed dog missing the ball more often during your daily game of fetch? Is your somewhat-aloof kitty ignoring you more than usual lately? As pets get older (and sometimes before then) there’s a chance their sight or hearing can start to deteriorate. As a pet owner, it’s up to you to pay attention to the signs your pet is going deaf or blind, and take appropriate action.