Why is My Pet Shaking and Should I Be Worried?

As the caretaker of a smaller being who cannot talk, it’s only natural to worry when a new behavior or symptom appears. It might come naturally to panic a little when you see your pet shaking, but there are many reasons why this behavior can occur – and believe it or not, not all of them are worrisome!

Reasons for Your Pet Shaking

If your pet is shaking, there are many different potential causes. In some situations, pet shaking can be completely normal. We can see this happen due to:


Limping Along: Decoding your Limping Dog

Help, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates! My dog is limping!

As much as we want to help you when your pet is in pain, this is not something we can assess easily over the phone. While a visibly broken bone or torn toenail can certainly be the culprit, the vast majority of limping dogs have problems that cannot be seen outwardly and require an exam and sometimes further testing for a proper diagnosis. 

What You Can’t See

If you think about reasons you have limped throughout your life, you might start to understand how many different causes for limping in dogs there are.

Outward causes of lameness in dogs such as a cut paw pad, broken nail, or matted fur can be easily seen. Many limping dogs have problems that we can’t see, though. These can include:


Does Your Dog Have Corn Chip Feet?

There are quite a few explanations behind why dogs smell so…doggish. They could have doggy breath stemming from dental disease, potent gas from unresolved intestinal issues, or perhaps allergies that cause their ears to get inflamed or infected.

These are all medical concerns that need to be addressed. But what about that funky smell coming from their lower extremities? Corn chip feet is a real phenomenon, and while it can be off putting, the causes and treatment of stinky paws are well-known.