My Dog Keeps Burying Things!

Dog burying and digging in backyard.

Have you ever pulled the couch back, only to discover a collection of your dog’s half-chewed bones and think, why? This cute, confusing, or annoying behavior causes many dog owners to wonder how to prevent their dog from continuing to bury various items. But dogs may have an instinct to hoard, hide, bury their favorite items, bones, toys, and maybe even your socks! 

To help uncover the meaning behind this behavior, the team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has put together a list of potential reasons why your dog is burying and hiding items:


Driving With Your Pet Can Be Fun, but Is It Safe?

Pet dog in car.

Not all pets enjoy cruising in the car, but some go absolutely crazy for the experience. While this opens up loads of opportunities for pets and their people, it’s not an experience that should be taken lightly. Distracted driving is one of the largest risks on the roads today. To keep all passengers safe from harm, we have some tips on safely driving with your pet.


Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Slobbering!

Dog slobber.

If you own dogs, you are probably no stranger to drool. While dog slobber is often a standard occurrence for dogs, especially certain breeds, sometimes it could be a sign of a health issue. For many dogs, it’s just part of their lovable deal. 

It helps to have a towel ready for wiping off your shirt. Dogs are especially slobbery after they drink water. Regardless of how lovable your dog is, slobber can make for a messy experience.