Getting to the Bottom Of… Dog Zoomies!!

Zoomies, or FRAPS (Frenetic Random Activity Periods) aren’t always predictable or entirely tolerable, but they can be incredibly fun and entertaining to watch. In fact, dog zoomies represent one of the best things about dog ownership. 

An opportunity to showcase their physical prowess, zoomies are often ridiculous and even inconvenient. They simply come with the territory, but dog zoomies demand more attention and understanding. 


Doggone It! How to Cope With a Destructive Dog

You love your dog, but you probably dislike the way they behave sometimes. Sure, dogs can be, well, dogs. They eat poop, roll around in garbage, and conduct themselves with zero nods to human decency, but none of this means they aren’t super smart or capable of being trained. 

Without a doubt, dogs can be taught not to do various things like dig, chew, go to the bathroom inside and so much more. With time, patience, dedication and lots of extra love, you can curb the errant ways of a destructive dog. 


Your Nutty Buddy: Can My Dog Eat Nuts?

Dog eating nuts

Dogs and peanut butter go hand. They love it and it is most pets owners’ go-to ingredient in filling a Kong toy or getting pets to swallow medicine. But many wonder what kinds of nuts they can safely give their dogs. Nuts can be a protein packed nutritious snack for us, and sometimes, in moderation, for our four-legged friends. 

If your dog is nuts about nuts, you may ask, can my dog eat nuts? You’re in luck! The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to give you the lowdown on nuts that are safe and those that can cause harm.