Clicker Training Your Dog: How Does It Work?

Beverly Hills, MI  dog clicker training.

Ever wonder how they get those dogs in the movies to do certain things or perform complex tricks? Sure, most of them are pretty talented pooches, but Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates thinks your pet is talented, too.

Clicker training in dogs is the foundation of many positive reinforcement-based pet training techniques. It works quite well when you understand the basics, and with a little effort, your dog can be a star, too.


Eau de Urine: How to Get Rid of That Cat Pee Smell

Cat pee smell on rug.

Cats are amazing creatures. They are beautiful, agile, and a bit mysterious. They can be fabulous friends, great snuggle buddies, and a constant companion even in uncertain times. 

Cat urine, on the other hand, is not such a pleasant thing. If you are struggling with odor in your home, Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to help you banish that cat pee smell once and for all. Nothing, not even urine, should stand between you and your cat.


Caring for Small Dogs Is No Small Task

Beverly Hills, MI small dog.

Having a small breed dog as your faithful companion brings a lot of benefits. Portability is certainly one, but small dogs can also be really fun and loving pets. 

Small dogs everywhere deserve the best homes and wellness care available. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates wants to be sure that those pint-sized pooch lovers out there know just how to care for their little treasures.