Breed All About It: Common Dog Breed Problems to Know About

dog breed problemsDog lovers typically have one or two breeds that they are just a little bit partial to, but that doesn’t mean those special varieties of canine are without fault.

All of us have our weaknesses, and dogs are no exception. It is true that certain breeds are predisposed to more than their fair share of certain issues. This is not a reason to avoid them, however. Instead, Beverly Hills Animal Associates encourages pet owners to educate themselves about common dog breed problems so that they can be prepared to help the love of their lives live life to the fullest.

Notorious D.O.G.s

Any time you decide that you want to bring a specific type of dog into your life, you are smart to start doing some research. A toy poodle is not a Rottweiler, and different breeds have some very different needs. Besides overall personality, activity level, grooming needs, and life expectancy, you will want to know a little about what health problems you might face with your new friend.


Why Certain Dog Breeds are Unfairly Judged

BevHills_iStock_000043106632_Large-1.jpgFor many, the idea of a dog attack or bite brings to mind specific breeds. These are typically Rottweilers, pit bulls, and Dobermans. And, this negative stereotype has been detrimental to dogs who are viewed as inherently aggressive. It has also contributed to a misunderstanding about the potential for bite incidents in any dog breed.

But, there are some truths to being an informed pet parent with an unfairly maligned dog.

Dog Breeds Deconstructed

While there are some breeds that are more likely to bite, it’s both harmful to the dogs as well as our own sense of safety to make assumptions. All dogs are capable of biting, and some of them are actually small or toy breeds. Continue…