The Mystery of Mange: What is it and How is it Treated?

Beverly Hills MI dog with mange“Mange” is an unpleasant word, and many of us associate it with stray dogs and cats. However, mange is something all pet owners should know about, as it’s highly contagious and is not just a problem among strays. It can also be diagnosed in well cared for pets.

So, what is this skin disorder, how is it spread, and most importantly, how can we prevent it? The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is glad you asked!

Mange 101

Mange is a disorder of the skin caused by – you guessed it – mange mites. Certain parasitic mites actually live on the skin of many mammals (in small numbers). However, this doesn’t result in the disease of mange because they aren’t the specific mites that cause the skin condition.

Mange can be found in both cats and dogs and, in the case of Sarcoptic mange, can even affect people. Not all types of mange are the same. Some can produce different and/or more severe symptoms depending on the type.