Let Us Count the (Innumerable) Ways Pets Help Kids With Disabilities

Everyone knows that kids and pets make the perfect combo and their special bond is beyond compare. Pets are extremely loyal to their young owners, but they’re also highly intuitive and even anticipate needs before they’re voiced. This is why emotional support and service animals are so essential to many people with various health challenges.

Taking it an extra step further, with their unconditional love, close companionship, and constant, comforting presence, pets help kids with disabilities in multiple meaningful ways.


How do I Love Thee? At the Heart of Pets and Stress Relief

People who share their lives with animals understand true love, but that doesn’t mean pet owners are immune to stress, anxiety, or depression. Indeed, many of us experience downturns at one point or another. But always at the center of a downcast gaze is a non-judgmental, comforting, and stable friend. Yes, pets have a significant impact on reassuring – or at least distracting – us, but what’s really at the core of pets and stress relief?

Count the Ways

While the sources of stress are seemingly endless, so are the many ways to combat it. Many people open an orange or sit in the sun. Others spend all weekend at a plush resort to melt troubles away. However, of all the ways to reduce our emotional and mental anguish, we believe time spent with animals tops the list.