Chilly Nights and Holidays: Be Prepared with Some Fall Pet Safety Tips

Fall pet safety: Detroit dog with rake

It’s coming! The change in the weather and that crisp, cool air perfect for gathering apples, raking leaves, and roasting corn. And of course Halloween and Thanksgiving are also on the horizon. What’s not to love about fall?

While this is an incredible time for many of us, the season poses additional risks for pets. The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to give a few fall pet safety recommendations.


All Your Eggs in One Basket: Spring Pet Safety You Can Count On

If it seems like every season comes with its own set of pet safety precautions, it’s because, well, they do! As far as health threats, they all have things in common, but each one also has its own risks connected to certain holidays or events. Without a careful look at these specifics, spring pet safety can quickly become relegated to the back burner.