Best Pets for People with Pet Allergies

Man Lying on Bed Petting Cat and SneezingAlmost every one of us can think of at least one person who’s allergic to pets. And, when it comes to animal lovers, these pet allergies can be particularly troublesome and even heartbreaking.

Many allergy sufferers wonder if it will ever be possible for them to share their home with a beloved pet companion.

The good news is, many can and do with proper planning, adopting a pet that is more allergy forgiving, and making some changes around the home to reduce exposure to allergens.

The Myth of the Hypoallergenic Dog or Cat

Although some people experience fewer allergy symptoms when exposed to certain dog or cat breeds, there is no such thing as a 100% non-allergenic feline or canine. This is because these mammals shed dander (dead skin cells), which contain the proteins that cause allergies. These proteins are also found in saliva and urine. Continue…