What Are The Smartest Cat Breeds?

Various cat breeds sitting next to each other.

Isn’t every cat clever and cunning? It takes a certain intelligence to train humans to respond to an individual cat’s needs. They all do this in spades. Are there breeds of domesticated cats that are smarter than the average house kitty? The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to help you find out:


The Truth About Cats and Milk

Cat next to bowl of milk.

The ancestors of today’s domestic felines likely enjoyed the fatty cream at the top of a farmer’s milking bucket—a great reward for keeping the barn free of rodents. These days, however, cow’s milk at the grocery store has little-to-no fat content. This doesn’t stop cat owners from offering it to their felines, but is it a good idea?


Larger Than Life: How to Provide for a Big Dog

Large dog sitting on lap of owner.

Every dog breed is unique in their own way, but it’s hard to compete with a big dog. Famous for having sweet, generous hearts and somewhat goofy personalities, big dogs remain some of the world’s most popular pets. While they’re certainly easy to get along with, large breeds have specialized needs that require close attention.