Puppy looking at math problem.

After a summer packed with fun, your pet probably thinks the party will keep going all year long. But with your furbaby’s human siblings heading off to school soon, there’s a big adjustment in store. Back-to-school season can be hard for pets. Here at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, we have 4 tips to help ease separation anxiety in pets this fall.  

How to Help Your Pet Thrive During Back-to-School Season

1. Practice the New Routine Before it Actually Starts 

Do you start putting your kids to bed earlier and earlier in the weeks before school starts back up again? Do you wake them up earlier despite their protests and groans? Your pet can benefit from this type of pre-school-year preparation, too. 

Since your dog may end up spending more time at home by himself, now’s also a good time to help him get used to being alone for longer periods. Start leaving Fido behind for a few hours each day while you take the kids out for a last hurrah at the park or pool

Make sure you give your dog or cat plenty of attention when you get home, just as you and the kids will during the school year.

2. Make Time for Your Pet on the Weekends

Get into the habit of doing a pet-friendly activity with the kids on Saturday or Sunday. Take the whole crew to the dog park. Go for a favorite fall hike together. Play fetch in your dog’s favorite lake. 

Continue this routine throughout the winter and spring, too. Your pet will begin to get used to the rhythm of the school year. She’ll probably start looking forward to the weekends as much as you do!

3. Exercise Your Pet Before You Leave for the Day 

Have the kids run around the house with your dog or play hunting games with your cat before everyone leaves for the day. Get up early for a morning walk or jog and bring Fido with you. A treat or two can’t hurt, either! 

Fill your pup or kitty with love, exercise, and attention before you and the kids head out and she’ll be less likely to miss those things while you’re away. 

4. Hire a Pet Sitter

If the whole family spends most of the day outside the house, your pet may need a friend to check in on her halfway through the day. Or even stay a couple of hours. Hiring a pet sitter or a friend to let your pet out for potty, exercise, and attention could be the solution to all your pet’s separation anxiety woes.

When to Call the Vet About Separation Anxiety in Pets

If you’re doing everything you can to make your pet feel loved and she’s still destroying the house while you’re away, it’s time to give your vet a call. Our caring team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is ready to help find ways to ease your pet’s anxiety. Contact us to learn more.