Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates’ Top Blogs of 2015


Madison_iStock_000013832378_LargeAs we close out another amazing year, we want to take a moment to thank you for choosing Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates. We are blessed to partner with you in caring for your family member pet. Thank you.

We are also excited to know how many of you have enjoyed our blog and several have provided feedback. Our goal is to continue offering the best in pet owner education and resources, which, in turn, helps pets live a better quality of life.

That said, these were the most popular blogs of 2015…Enjoy!

Counting Down Our Top Blogs of the Year


  1. Summertime Pet Protection: Keeping Your Pet Safe from the Sun

Everyone loves these early summer days, when we have the time to get outside for some outdoor recreation. Our pets are often the first to bound out the door with equal enthusiasm, spending time with us at the park, on the beach, hiking the trail, and even on those summer road trips. However, keeping your pet safe from the impact of those high humidity days is an essential facet of summertime fun. Continue reading

  1. Cool Weather and Our Pet

The temps will drop soon, changing the landscape and our habits. Instead of laying out in our yards or playing at the park, we are instead raking leaves and plodding through the pumpkin patch.

Not surprisingly, the fall and winter months present their own unique challenges for pet owners. Read moreBeverlyHills_iStock_000017597796_Large

  1. On the Road Again… Tips for Traveling with Pets

With the kids out of school and longer days at hand, many families choose summertime for vacations and weekends in the outdoors. For those with pets, bringing along the car-ride-loving family dog (or the reluctant-to-travel cat) is an attractive option. But, traveling with pets adds a different dynamic to road trips and hip destinations. Continued

  1. Helpful Tips on How and When to Socialize a Puppy

Puppies are often some of the friendliest, most curious animals around, so it is understandable why you might want to show your new puppy to the world. And, indeed it is essential to show puppies the world, too. Exposing puppies to new people, pets, and places, so that they grow into confident, well-adjusted adult dogs, is one of the most important things you can do as pet parent. Read onBevHills_iStock_000014142069_Large

  1. You Are Not Alone: A Guide To Grieving And Pet Loss

For most pet owners, life doesn’t simply go on after the death of a beloved pet. Regardless of the details precipitating those final moments, when a pet succumbs to illness or injury it can be utterly devastating. While it’s difficult to accept the terms of a beloved pet’s death, there are appropriate ways to process pet loss, and we are here to help all of our clients take that first, seemingly impossible step toward acceptance and healing. More

As we move into beautiful 2016, we look forward to seeing you and your best fur friend at his wellness appointment. And, if you are looking for a veterinary practice, we welcome you to come in for a tour and get to know us.

Happy, (pet) healthy New Year from all of us at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates!