Can You Train an Aggressive Dog?

Pomeranian bites finger.

All dogs can be aggressive to some extent. It’s normal for dogs to bark at intruders or even nip at someone or something that is causing them pain. But if your dog bites you or someone else, it’s time to act. Training aggressive dogs may help reduce their harmful behaviors. However, aggressive dogs may not be completely trustworthy even after extensive training. The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has tips to help you deal with an aggressive dog. 

Help, My Dog Bites! What Should I Do? 

Dogs without an aggression problem may nip you during play or if you surprise them. These nips do not break the skin and probably aren’t a cause for concern. If you’re not sure how to tell if your dog has a biting problem, think about the following questions: 

  • Did the bite break your skin?
  • Do you have small children in your home, either all the time or on a regular basis?
  • Are you afraid of your dog?
  • Has your dog bitten a person more than one time?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, or if you have any other concerns, seek professional help for your four-legged friend. Aggression in dogs can put your loved ones at risk of serious injury. Whether you’re reading this right after a bite or you’ve been dealing with your dog’s aggression for a while, take the time to put your pup in a safe, enclosed space where they—and others—will be safe. 

Now take a deep breath. Here’s what you need to know about dealing with aggression in dogs. 

Your Veterinarian Is Here for You

You might be feeling a flood of emotions and concerns when you have a dog that bites. An aggressive dog may not seem like a veterinary issue, but it is. We’re here to help with every aspect of your dog’s health, whether it’s physical, behavioral, or emotional. Plus, your dog might be acting out because of an underlying medical condition. 

Bring your dog in to see us and we’ll help you get to the root of the aggression. Depending on what we find when we examine your pup, we may recommend that you and your dog work with a certified behavior consultant

Specialized Training for Aggressive Dogs Can Help 

A certified behavior consultant or animal behaviorist can use scientifically supported methods to  manage, prevent, and modify aggressive behaviors in dogs. Our team can connect you with a trusted behavioral professional who can:

  • Provide training, counseling, and support for your dog
  • Help guide you through your dog’s behavioral treatment
  • Monitor your pup’s progress
  • Teach you how to implement behavioral training strategies at home
  • Help you decide whether or not it’s safe to keep your dog

That last bullet point can feel like a gut punch. But your family’s safety must come first. If your dog has bitten your child, for example, you may need to consider finding the aggressive dog a new home. Even with the best training and treatment, aggressive dogs may bite again. 

Making Tough Choices

Many dogs improve after receiving specialized training and treatment for aggressive behaviors. If the aggression persists, the team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates can help you navigate your situation in a way that keeps everyone’s best interests at heart. To learn more or receive help for aggression in dogs, call us at (248) 646–5655.