The Perils of Pet Dental Disease

pet dental diseaseIs your dog or cat over 4 years of age? Did you know that by the time our pets reach that age, 85% of them have some form of dental disease, also known as periodontal disease? What causes this problem, and what can we do to keep our pets in the other 15% of this statistic?

Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates unfortunately sees our fair share of dental disease. We’re here with some pet dental disease basics, as well as to help you learn more about how to prevent periodontal disease in dogs and cats.


Important Tips for Pet Ear Cleaning

pet ear cleaningTaking good care of your pet involves regular grooming. A good brushing schedule, an occasional bath, and keeping the nails trimmed make it on most people’s to do lists. Cleaning the ears, however, is often forgotten. While some may find it a little daunting, pet ear cleaning is actually a straightforward procedure that anyone can perform. Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to help you get started.

Pet Ear Cleaning Basics

Understanding a little bit about your pet’s ears and why you need to clean them is the first step in practicing good aural hygiene for your furry friend.