A woman giving a dog a treat for shaking.

Dental health is essential for your pet’s overall health and well-being. That’s why choosing dental-friendly treats for your dog or cat is important.

Dental health can be improved by using a daily chewable treat that has been proven to reduce tartar and plaque. These treats are specially formulated with ingredients like chlorophyll, green tea, aloe vera, parsley, and other natural ingredients that help remove tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth.

Not only do these treats help reduce tartar buildup that can lead to dental disease, but they also reduce bad breath.

What to Look for When Choosing Dental-Friendly Pet Treats

It’s important to look for treats made with ingredients suitable for your pet’s health. 

  • Sugar can contribute to tooth decay, so avoid treats with sugar listed as an ingredient.
  • Look for treats that will be easy for your pet to chew and digest (you can ask your vet for recommendations). 
  • Choose treats that are low in sodium. High sodium levels can lead to kidney problems, so try to find treats with less than 0.5% sodium.

Top Rated Dental-Friendly Treats


Greenies for dogs are a popular dental treat that can help maintain gum health as well as freshen your pup’s breath. These toothbrush-shaped goodies are made in various sizes with easy-to-digest ingredients, vitamins, and minerals like glycerin and wheat flour.

Greenies for cats contain catnip to tempt your cat to chew toward healthier teeth. These catnip-flavored goodies are formulated to help remove plaque, reduce tartar buildup, and combat bad breath. Each treat is less than two calories, and they contain a healthy mix of vitamins, minerals, meat, and grains. 

Purina DentaLife and ProPlan Bites

Purina DentaLife chews for dogs are proven to reduce tartar build-up by an average of 57%, according to the brand. The chews offer eight distinct ridges that can help teeth through mechanical scrubbing, while the long stick design can help reach teeth in the back of their mouth. These chews are offered in three sizes.

Purina DentaLife for cats, available in chicken and salmon flavors, have a hard, porous texture that scrubs cats’ teeth as they chew. These treats are for adult cats over five pounds, and they shouldn’t constitute more than 10% of your cat’s daily calories. 

If your cat struggles with weight management, here’s a treat that won’t pack on the pounds. At only two calories per treat, Purina ProPlan Bites clean teeth without causing weight gain. 

Virbac C.E.T. Chews

Virbac CET Veggiedent Fresh Tartar Control Chews for dogs are plant-based and gluten-free, and they’re designed to be easily digestible for dogs with food sensitivities. They have a unique Z-shape that allows the treat to scrape away tartar in different parts of your dog’s mouth. 

For your favorite feline, Virbac offers IntelliDent Cat Bites. Because they’re formulated to be low in fat, your cat can enjoy these treats with less risk of weight gain. IntelliDent Cat Bites help remove plaque and tartar while supporting healthy gums. You won’t find artificial flavors here—just crunchy, breath-freshening bites.

You can find these products online on Amazon, Chewy, or at your local pet store. 

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