Does My Dog Need A Smart Collar?

An attentive Jack Russel wearing a collar.

If there was a way to ensure your dog not only stayed safe in your absence but also enhanced their overall health, would you pursue it? Complete wIth activity trackers, GPS capability, and so much more, it may be time to invest in a smart collar for your dog. 

Health Equals Happiness

The evolution of pet technology continues to surprise and delight owners and veterinarians alike. For holdouts of pet tech, research shows that smart collars and attachments do not impede movement or comfort, and since their batteries don’t emit heat, they go largely unnoticed by the wearer. In addition, most products are waterproof to a certain depth.

What to Look For

There are numerous pet tech products that compete for your interest. It can be hard to know what will be the best fit for you and your dog. A smart collar is not a replacement for meaningful owner involvement or veterinary care; rather, the device should promote the highest levels of pet ownership and animal well-being.

Highly Recommended 

The Fi Series 2 Smart Collar provides a high level of peace of mind regarding your dog’s location. Using GPS and the cellular network, the collar can track your dog’s whereabouts all day long. Most dog owners enjoy using the Fi app to customize the smart collar experience. With a rechargeable battery and even an LED light for easy walking at night, the Fi is a great choice. 

In addition to tracking, the Fi smart collar helps you reach fitness goals, monitors sleep behavior, and alerts you to any changes, such as possible escape attempts. With a relatively reasonable price point, the Fi can make a big difference to your approach to dog ownership. This product is a subscription service. 

The Tractive GPS tracker for dogs is an excellent, less expensive alternative that clips right on to your dog’s existing collar. You can also set “safe zones” for your pet to stay within.

Big Spender

The Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Collar Solution is more expensive, but may help reinforce your dog’s boundaries and training skills. In contrast with a shock collar, this smart system triggers a dog’s associative memory so they can learn and repeat positive behaviors, including staying within a certain area.

Smart Collar, Smart Pup

The concept of supplying your dog with a smart device doesn’t seem to have any drawbacks, but it is a personal choice. If you prefer a more analog approach, the good ‘ole ID tags, collar, and leash set-up may be your best bet. Microchipping is always a good idea, too.

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