Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Slobbering!

Dog slobber.

If you own dogs, you are probably no stranger to drool. While dog slobber is often a standard occurrence for dogs, especially certain breeds, sometimes it could be a sign of a health issue. For many dogs, it’s just part of their lovable deal. 

It helps to have a towel ready for wiping off your shirt. Dogs are especially slobbery after they drink water. Regardless of how lovable your dog is, slobber can make for a messy experience. 

When Dogs Usually Drool

Sometimes it might seem like there’s no rhyme or reason to your dog’s slobbering, but there are certain behaviors or situations that bring on the drool:

  • Just like humans waiting for a juicy burger, dogs drool when they’re anticipating food. If you have a known sound or gesture that happens before giving a treat or food, have a towel handy to mop up their slobbery anticipation!
  • When consuming something unpleasant, such as medication, dogs may drool as a reaction.
  • When feeling heated, dogs pant to cool down. They will naturally drool more than usual after running around a bit.

Treating Normal Slobber

Treating underlying problems can be as simple as:

  • Dental Hygiene—including, but not limited to, cleaning teeth or extracting teeth
  • Treating GI problems
  • Avoiding irritants
  • Removing foreign objects

When to Be Concerned About Slobber

If you are concerned your dog might be drooling as a result of any of these conditions, contact the veterinarians at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates.

Foreign Body

Dogs can’t give the universal sign for choking because they have no hands. However, one thing you might notice is an unusual amount of slobber. This will cause them to drool much more than normal. The foreign body could be anything: plastic, rubber, wood chips, bone fragments, etc. If the foreign body isn’t handled, it could be life-threatening and you should call your veterinarian right away.  

Upset Stomach or Nausea

When dogs have a stomachache, they are also prone to drooling more. Look for lethargy or vomiting to indicate more serious issues. Plants or chemicals that are poisonous to dogs can cause droolings. Keep these items away from where your dog can access them. Ingesting poison in the form of plants or chemicals can cause nausea and drooling. 

Mild symptoms can resolve on their own or with medication from your vet.

Heat stroke

Heat exposure can be deadly to dogs. When showing symptoms of heat stroke, dogs pant excessively and then begin to slobber in excess. If you suspect heat stroke, this is a life-threatening condition that needs to be assessed right away 

Kidney or Liver Disease 

As dogs age, they are more prone to diseases of the kidney and liver. These diseases in particular can cause excessive slobber. In order to diagnose and catch them, we recommend visiting your veterinarian annually. We can perform labs or other diagnostic tests to rule it out. 

You don’t have to manage this alone. Our veterinary team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to support you and your beloved beast. Contact us to schedule an appointment today (248) 646-5655.