My Dog Keeps Burying Things!

Dog burying and digging in backyard.

Have you ever pulled the couch back, only to discover a collection of your dog’s half-chewed bones and think, why? This cute, confusing, or annoying behavior causes many dog owners to wonder how to prevent their dog from continuing to bury various items. But dogs may have an instinct to hoard, hide, bury their favorite items, bones, toys, and maybe even your socks! 

To help uncover the meaning behind this behavior, the team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates has put together a list of potential reasons why your dog is burying and hiding items:

Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Burying Things

It holds value to them––Your dog may be hiding things they find important or items that hold value to them. These can include toys, bones, dental chews, and any favorite objects. 

Survival instincts––It’s a part of your dog’s natural instinct to preserve and protect themselves, and hoarding or saving their favorite items or treats for later may be a sign of this behavior. This instinct comes from your dog’s ancestors, the wolves, who hid and buried their food when they were unsure of when the next meal would be. 

A sign of stress and anxiety––If your dog lives in a household with other animals, they could be hiding and burying their stash of goodies to keep it away from other pets. This may be from an underlying stress or anxiety issue within the home environment, if they feel they need to compete for food, treats, or toys with other pets. If you are worried your pet is struggling with behavioral issues or anxiety, contact your Beverly Hills veterinarians

You may be overly generous––You could never give your pet too many toys, right? Well, maybe not, but your dog may feel the need to bury their extra toys or treats to save for a rainy day. 

It’s a game or a sign of boredom––Your dog might be burying your socks or shoes as a way to get your attention and incite playtime, or simply because they are bored. The best way to discourage this behavior is to restrict your pet’s access to your personal items, and replace them immediately with a toy or a ball if you catch them in the act. 

Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here to help you learn the secrets behind your pet’s strangest behaviors! Give us a call at (248) 646–5655 with any questions about your dog’s health and behavioral issues.