How Can You Tell If Your Cat Is Sick?

Beverly Hills MI sick cat under blanket

Cats are highly skilled at masking any signs of illness or injury, so if you happen to notice something is “off” with your feline it’s more than likely that there is. 

Unfortunately, by the time symptoms become obvious, a cat’s illness may be untreatable or prohibitively expensive without guarantees of success. Training your eye to their subtle behavioral patterns and appearance can help you determine if your cat is sick long before the issue at play has spiraled out of control.


Good News! We’re Hard-Wired to be Successful at Kitten Care 

The ancestors of present day domestic cats, aka felis silvestris, strategically deduced that living alongside people was highly beneficial to their species’ survival. After all, our own ancestors were more than willing to feed and shelter adorable, delightful, furry friends who conveniently reduced the rodent population. 

But just because cats and people are a purr-fect match doesn’t mean we always know exactly what they need or want. This is especially true during the delicate early months of kitten-hood. We love them so much, and they deserve the best of kitten care 101.


Should You be Toilet Training Your Cat? The Answer May Surprise You

toilet training your catIf you’ve cleaned out your cat’s litter box a few hundred times already this year, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Isn’t there another way?” Without a doubt, scooping clumps every day can feel pretty tiresome after awhile. While there are some great modern antidotes to this problem, such as “self-cleaning” litter boxes, it may be time to consider the pros and cons of toilet training your cat.