Good News! We’re Hard-Wired to be Successful at Kitten Care 

The ancestors of present day domestic cats, aka felis silvestris, strategically deduced that living alongside people was highly beneficial to their species’ survival. After all, our own ancestors were more than willing to feed and shelter adorable, delightful, furry friends who conveniently reduced the rodent population. 

But just because cats and people are a purr-fect match doesn’t mean we always know exactly what they need or want. This is especially true during the delicate early months of kitten-hood. We love them so much, and they deserve the best of kitten care 101.


Should You be Toilet Training Your Cat? The Answer May Surprise You

toilet training your catIf you’ve cleaned out your cat’s litter box a few hundred times already this year, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Isn’t there another way?” Without a doubt, scooping clumps every day can feel pretty tiresome after awhile. While there are some great modern antidotes to this problem, such as “self-cleaning” litter boxes, it may be time to consider the pros and cons of toilet training your cat.


Next Level Feline: Leash Train Your Cat for More Fun, Less Stress

leash train your catDogs and cats are like apples and oranges, but they do have some things in common. While it may seem like a cat would never, ever enjoy walking down the street at the other end of leash (attached to a harness, no less), it may be time to shift our collective perceptions. To be sure, creating the opportunity and encouraging your cat to embrace this activity isn’t without its challenges or complications. However, when you decide to properly leash train your cat, the results are highly beneficial.

Exercise in Futility?

People have a widespread misunderstanding that felines detest walking on-leash, but this could be fed by the perception that people walking cats around the neighborhood could be “overdoing” it a bit. Cats are independent creatures, right? They couldn’t possibly be trained to wear a harness and walk on a leash. Wrong!

Simple Steps for Success

Not only can we train cats using positive reinforcement (and a lot of patience), but when you leash train your cat, you build confidence, create socialization opportunities, and reduce stress when traveling together.