Healthy Tips to Keep Your Cat Fit

On the catwalk - cat in Istanbul, TurkeyYour cat is a natural-born hunter, and much of his or her play is tied to these inherited predatory instincts. Kittens are exemplary in their capacity to play, which also helps them develop motor skills and burn off all that extra energy. However, play shouldn’t stop after kittenhood.

Interactive play is important for cats of all ages, mostly because it helps deter age-related weight gain. If you’re looking for ways to keep your cat fit, our veterinarians and staff offer the following tried and true methods that satisfy Fluffy’s innate desire to hunt and play.

On the Ball

Bored cats are often stressed cats. If there’s no outlet for anxiety and tension, your pet may experience unnecessary weight gain, lack confidence, or develop unwanted behaviors (e.g., compulsive grooming). Continue…