Lost in Translation: Explaining Why (and How) Cats Purr 

Purring is arguably one of the most delightful ways cats have of communicating their deepest thoughts and feelings.

Although purring tends to happen most often when cats are cozy, satisfied, and deeply content, there are other reasons that explain this feline-specific phenomenon. What’s more, it’s their special anatomy that allows them to make this pleasing sound!

The Purr Vs. The Roar

Cats have a series of bones in the throat called the hyoid apparatus. Responsible for supporting the larynx and the tongue, these components are either bony or flexible.


Outdated Suspicions: Let’s Debunk Myths & Create Safe Havens for All Black Cats

It’s odd that there’s a certain time of year that threatens the safety and well being of a very specific animal. All cats deserve the comfort and peace of their very homes, but during the days before and after Halloween, black cats need extra special protection.

 Why is this, exactly? 

The prejudice and fear people have is somehow triggered by black cats, and we aim to stop the negative perception – for all the months of the year.