Cat Aversion? Never, for Self-Professed Cat People

catPop culture is infamous for negatively portraying cats. Consider the Cheshire Cat, Azrael from the Smurf’s, Tom (without Jerry, of course),  M.A.D. Cat (aka Furball from Inspector Gadget), Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers, and the Siamese Cats from Lady and the Tramp. While fictional, they contrast sharply with the canines featured in the Lassie and Benji franchises, the Wizard of Oz, Disney’s Air Buddies, Bolt, and many, many more.

While both cats and dogs make terrific pets (and there are definitely owners of both species), cat people take a lot of heat for their companions of choice. This could have to do with various perceptions belonging to non-cat people, but it doesn’t fully explain the strange disparity between cat people and other species-specific pet owners.