Is It Possible to Clicker Train Your Cat?

Clicker training your cat.

The idea of training your cat to do anything aside from use their litter box might be quite odious. Cats can be finicky when it comes to participation and involvement, but it is actually possible to clicker train your cat. Whether it’s using the toilet, going for walks on a leash, or performing tricks (can we get a high-five?), it’s all possible!


Should You be Toilet Training Your Cat? The Answer May Surprise You

toilet training your catIf you’ve cleaned out your cat’s litter box a few hundred times already this year, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Isn’t there another way?” Without a doubt, scooping clumps every day can feel pretty tiresome after awhile. While there are some great modern antidotes to this problem, such as “self-cleaning” litter boxes, it may be time to consider the pros and cons of toilet training your cat.


Successful Litter Box Training (and What to do When Fluffy Won’t Go)

For some, introducing the litter box to a new feline is a dream come true. However, for all the cats who answer nature’s call easily in the provided box, there are others who struggle with litter box training. Whether you think it’s aggravating or confusing, this is one thing that must be dealt with to ensure a happy, healthy, odorless home.

Nothing Worse

Aside from finding vomit or a hairball inside your home, noticing that your cat urinated or defecated outside the litter box tops the list for shock and dismay. One of the best things you can do for your cat is to introduce him or her to the litter box using the following tips: