Picky Puppy: My Pet Won’t Eat Their Food

If you have a pet who turns up their nose when it comes to their normal diet, you aren’t alone. Many pets have particular likes and dislikes about what they eat, just like us. Unfortunately, some pets get bored with their normal diet and like a variety, or they only want to eat cooked chicken or something specific.

If your cat or dog is picky about food, you have come to the right place. The team at Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates is here with some recommendations when a pet won’t eat their food.

Help! My Pet Won’t Eat

If your pet is picky, that’s one thing, but a true loss of appetite is a cause for concern. Most pets, after all, lap up whatever is in the bowl regardless of hunger – the number of pets with obesity will attest to this. But there are times when a pet won’t eat or lacks appetite, which should be followed up on.


Kitty 911: What to Do when Your Cat Won’t Eat


Although many jokes and ad campaigns have been made about the finicky kitty turning up his or her nose at most foods, it’s no laughing matter when a cat won’t eat. A loss of appetite in any animal can indicate a deeper health issue that needs to be attended to quickly.

Cats can fall victim to a variety of conditions that may cause them to stop eating. Your veterinarian will help you figure out the problem, and work with you to get your sweet kitty back on track.

Dental Problems

Pain associated with dental disease, oral tumors, injury (such as a broken tooth), or infection in the mouth can make eating too painful. Regular dental cleanings and exams should be a part of your cat’s wellness program, and can prevent future problems.